Of Sunsets and Life Lessons


I watched the sun set today. It was an unexpected gift. Normally when I get off work it’s dark outside. Today I got off early. Puffs of purple and pink lilting their way through the sky. Andrew Peterson’s voice breaks through the sound of my own thoughts. “This is not another song about the mountains. Except about how hard they are to move. Have you ever stood before them like a mustard seed that waiting for some proof?” The drive home is windy, and the view through my rear-view mirror is beautiful. “I say faith is a burden, it’s brave and bittersweet…” The sun sinks lower. If you’ve never seen it glowing through bare trees that are awaiting the promise of Spring, you’re missing out. “Hope is hard to hold to…” It’s the middle of winter. January just turned into February. We’re all a little sunshine-starved these days. But tonight, on this drive, I felt like it was all just for me. To remind me that He is there. That He is still working and speaking and guiding. He is still swirling sunsets, and still making paths through our red seas. In my devotion today, I was reading the story of the transfiguration. I’ve read it numerous times before, but this time something really stuck out to me…in the story it said that Peter was afraid. I imagine he didn’t know why he was there or what he should do. Why was he there? What was the point? The point was to know God more. To walk away from that experience understanding God in a deeper way than he had before. Why am I here? What is the point? To know more about God through my current life situations than I’ve ever known Him before. “Till there’s no more faith, no more hope, we’ll see your face, and Lord we’ll know, only Love remains.” The sun sets. Winter will turn into Spring. These bare branches will bud. And the point of everything that happens on this whole spinning world is to know Him more.

**here’s a link to Andrew Peterson’s “No More Faith”**

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