About Me

About Me

Anchored. Gypsy-Soul. Dreamer. Photographer. World Changer.


Well hello there! Thanks for stopping by. This blog is a little glimpse into the days that make up my life. I’m a big fan of family time, good friends, traveling, missions, and enjoying the little things.

My family claims that I’m gone half of the time. I haven’t sat down and figured it out, but they may be right. To me, the only thing better than exploring new places, is returning to a place that has already stolen my heart. When I am home, I spend my weekdays nannying for one incredible family, and my weekends documenting couples starting their happily ever afters.

Most of my travels revolve around missions. I’ve been blessed to work with a handful of ministries in varying capacities on three different continents. Each trip has opened my eyes and given me a greater awareness and appreciation for the heart of God.

Some of my favorite things are:
My whole family around the dinner table. A day spent on the lake. Bare feet. The American flag waving in the breeze. Good quotes. Tacos. Golden hour. Traditions. Ecuador. Listening to my nieces laugh. Going for runs. Mexico. The ocean. Plane tickets. Tolkien. Girls nights with mom. Key lime pie. London. Bonfires. Good music. Watching my dad and brothers play softball. French pastries. Enduring friendships. Thailand. Dark chocolate. Good coffee. Fresh flowers.